Restaurant WiFi Is Expected By Customers

Restaurant WiFi

Today customers walk into a restaurant and as soon they settle down, they’ll ask for the Restaurant WiFi. The expectation is so ingrained that many customers just assume that every restaurant offers free wifi.

The Pros of Restaurant Wifi

With the rise of people working remotely and a lot of meeting happenings in restaurants, offering public wifi helps you capture a share of this market. Even some people who still have office jobs, but are given the freedom to work from “home” find themselves working from restaurants.

Free Restaurant WiFi also helps you get referrals and repeat business. Patrons that use your venue for working remotely will bring work colleagues, clients, prospects and collaborators. You will not only see these connections order something, but they’ll also tell their friends about the great experience they had at your venue. And then their friends will tell their friends. And so on.

Many restaurants that offer WiFi just give customers the password and that’s it. The downside to that is you’re throwing money down the drain by not capturing the customer data. That is why restaurants need to enhance their current WiFi by adding Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi Marketing

Social WiFi marketing allows you to use a sign-on splash page to collect customer information and advertise to them. The login splash page can be customized to use social media accounts or an email address. All the logins are captured into a CRM to build a database of customer contacts. This allows restaurants to then access a customer database and send messages, coupons, or promotions.