Steps To Successful Digital Media Buying

Successful Digital Media Buying

A successful digital media buying strategy is key to ensuring that you reach the right audience using the right platform. Your customers use multiple digital channels to get information to make their buying decisions. It is important therefore to communicate your brand message and services on multiple digital platforms.

Understand Your Audience

What you need to do is understand your audience’s ecosystem so as to align your media buying strategy. This means understanding them beyond just their profile, but the other verticals around their profile. Let us assume that you’re are doing media buying for a car insurance brand, you may want to get the exact details of the client goals. Do they want to attract new car buyers, are they targeting a certain age group to move to their brand because they have a new offering for young drivers? Are they interested in female drivers because they have a new risk criterion that offers low pricing for female drivers?

Getting all this information gives you enough insight on where to focus your efforts when starting your media buying strategy. Based on these scenarios, you will be able to map out a user journey, and the request origination per customer type. This will give you other related interests linked with getting car insurance. This allows you to start selling insurance to potential customers before they even buy the car.

Using keywords like “cheap cars” “affordable cars”, you can now tag this keyword as part of your strategy because you know these are potential insurance customers. You can use these keywords as part of your Media Buying Strategy. You can opt to use them in search marketing, or display and retarget those potential customers on social media. By understanding the audience, you immediately get the right digital platform to relay the message.

Choose Your Digital Medium

You have to choose the best medium for your content. This requires understanding the strengths of multiple mediums and deciding how to utilize the one (or multiple) that most closely aligns with your campaign, products, or services. The good news is that online marketing can be done with smaller budgets with a high return on investment.

Your business will benefit from a multi-channel media buying strategy to increase visibility to your target audience. Knowing where you can best reach your target audience is important. Then you can deliver your message to them using the digital channel and their preferred media consumption medium.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your digital communication channel.

  • The goal of your campaign (i.e. brand awareness, leads, sales)
  • The target audience you wish to reach
  • The message you want to communicate

Find The Right Partners

Successful digital media buying means getting the right partners that can help you reach your audience at a reasonable cost. When you have fully assessed your audience and the relevant channels, you need to have the right channel that can help you deliver your message. Connecting with the right people at the right entities will be important to the success of your campaign. Whether you choose to work directly with publishers or through a mediating network, you need to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your budget.

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